What is an “All Season Greens” Growing System?

An ASG system is a specially designed hydroponic growing chamber that allows anyone to sprout and grow a wide variety of plant seeds for producing living, extremely nutritious, and low cost livestock feed. A specific grain, such as barley, or any of a wide variety of seeds, is spread onto a customized growing tray where they are watered periodically by our overhead spray irrigation system. An electronic temperature controller always sustains a pre-set temperature range inside the growing chamber by either heating or cooling the air, so you don’t have to. Sequenced lighting at the harvesting end is provided to ensure that our LivingGreens reach their maximum growth and are at optimal nutritional levels for feeding. The entire system is controlled by a micro computer which also assures safe electrical operating parameters.

Each day, LivingGreens are removed from trays at the harvesting end of the chamber. The same trays are then rinsed, re-seeded and loaded back into the system at the seeding end of the chamber. Simply pushing the previous day’s trays further along the racking system and into position for their next phase of growth is what allows for the production of greens on a daily basis. The LivingGreens™ are grown on a custom designed tray and require no growing medium. Most seeds germinate at an amazing rate of 24 hours. For example, barley, grown for animal feed, germinates within 24 hours of seeding and continues to grow in it’s tray as it is pushed forward along the racking system for 6 days. The LivingGreens are then ready to harvest after reaching an optimal height of approximately 6-7 inches, which includes the root mass.

Our growing chambers also have the capability of producing LivingGrains™ which are seeds harvested at 3 days instead of 6 days. LivingGrains™ contain more dry matter and are much more nutritious than unsprouted grain since they have been brought to life and have been made easier for the animal to digest. We have found that feeding a ration of LivingGreens AND LivingGrains™ is the best feeding option.

The systems may also be used to grow greens for personal human consumption along with your animal feed. LivingGreens, such as sunflowers, peas or wheatgrass, are also ready to harvest in about 6 days.  Sprouts for human consumption, such as lentils and other beans, are ready for harvest in 3 to 4 days.

Benefits of Owning an All Season Greens Growing System:

  • Produce cost effective, highly nutritious feed year round
  • Greatly reduce feed cost by more than 50%
  • Control choice and cost of feed
  • Eliminate climatic variables that affect feed production and quality
  • Eliminate pest infestation issues that affect feed production and quality
  • Eliminate the uncertainty of varying feed prices
  • Feed cost as low as 6 cents/lb ($118 per ton)
  • Lower feed production cost with minimal labor; depending on system size, daily operation requires only45  to 60 minutes to harvest, clean and re-seed
  • Food source for all types of herbivores/ruminants
  • Finish feed during late winter while competitors feed simply to maintain
  • Grow the specific quantity of feed needed; systems produce from 100 lbs/day up to 1000 lbs/day
  • Reduction in environmental impact
  • Reduces current land usage or the need for additional land to grow feed
  • Promotes sustainable production methods
  • Provides organic feed source, if desired
  • Provides financial stability for users
  • Provides sustainable futures for farms and isolated communities
  • Increase in livestock production by decreasing land needed for pasture and/or grazing

Potential Benefits Specifically Pertaining to Livestock

  • Produce living feed that is up to 3 times more nutritious than dry matter feed
  • Improved health of animals
  • Improved general appearance of animals such as coat gloss
  • Improved hoof quality
  • Enhanced fleece characteristics
  • Improved endurance in performing animals
  • Aids in recovery time from performance & injury
  • Increased fertility & conception rates
  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Improved weight gain at finish feeding
  • Improved consistency of  milk quality year round
  • Removes antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and herbicides from feed source
  • Decreased weaning time

All Season Greens systems are designed and constructed with high quality materials and user friendly technologies, incorporating state-of-the-art growing methods. They are built to adhere specifically to the National Electric Code and to safely operate as a plug and run appliance on a 120V or 240V circuit, depending on size. The electrical control panels for all ASG systems are manufactured according to UL (Underwriter Laboratories) specifications and are UL certified as “Industrial Control Panels.”  The complete system has been rigorously tested by Intertek and has received their ETL certification. In fact, this invention has received “Patent Pending” protection from the USPTO; Serial No. 61/379,490.

Product models have been developed in 3 sizes that produce between 100 to 1000 pounds of LivingGreens™ per day.  Currently, only the ASG 1000 model is in production, being the highest in demand and the most cost effective; however, in the near future, smaller ASG models will be available.  Even with the largest ASG systems, there is a minimal environmental footprint created through low water and energy consumption, no pesticide or herbicide application and no land usage,  enabling each producer to enhance their efforts in protecting and preserving natural resources.

Please understand that, for most people, the feeding of LivingGreens™ is an entirely new model and standard of quality in the animal feed and livestock business. Nutritional comparisons between LivingGreens™ and dead dry matter are new to the industry. All Season Greens has recently completed extensive nutritional analysis of our LivingGreens™ which determined that they are a Supreme grade of feed and could even be used as a high protein supplement. ASG’s Product Specialist, including our staff veterinarian, can be contacted to answer your questions regarding this matter.

To help you understand the basics of living nutrition, ASG’s hydroponically grown LivingGreens™ are a fully hydrated, enzyme rich and easily digestible food source, which elevates absorption rates of nutrients in an animal’s digestive tract. Therefore, combining the LivingGreens™ high protein content with its elevated absorption of available nutrients, living greens can have up to 3 times the nutritional value of dead or dry matter feed, such as hay or grains of comparable protein content.

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Daily Maintenance: Maintaining an ASG growing system on a daily basis requires minimal effort.  After harvesting LivingGreens™, the trays’ seeding surface simply needs to be lightly scrubbed & rinsed clean with water using a hose sprayer & brush,  re-seeded and then loaded back into the growing chamber. Depending on water quality and environmental conditions, a cleaning of the inside chamber should be done every 2-3 months to keep the interior of the machine clean.

ASG systems also provide additional cost advantages that will be realized through the use of company products; please refer to our Cut Cost page for more information.  The growing systems allow for animal feed as well as personal human consumption food to be grown anywhere electricity and water are available, and are especially useful in areas where climate or land space considerations have, in the past, made agricultural endeavors difficult or impossible.