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Please understand that, for most people, the feeding of  living greens is an entirely new model and standard of quality in the animal feed and livestock business.  Nutritional comparisons between living greens and dead dry matter are new to the industry. All Season Greens has recently completed extensive nutritional analysis of our living greens which determined that they are a Supreme grade of feed and could even be used as a high protein supplement. ASG’s Product Specialist, including our staff veterinarian, Dr. Mike Andrews, can be contacted to answer your questions regarding this matter.

To help you understand the basics of living nutrition, ASG’s hydroponically grown greens are a fully hydrated, enzyme rich and easily digestible food source, which elevates absorption rates of nutrients in an animal’s digestive tract. Therefore, combining the living greens high protein content with its elevated absorption of available nutrients, living greens can have up to 3 times the nutritional value of dead or dry matter feed, such as hay or grains of comparable protein content.


Using our largest standard size, the ASG 1000, the complete cost of producing 2000 pounds (1 ton) of living greens in 2 days varies from $60 to $80.   To equal the nutritional value of  1 ton of living greens, one would have to purchase 3 tons of Supreme Grade Alfalfa; the cost of 3 tons of Alfalfa hay is approximately $600 ($200/ton) including delivery. Therefore $80 of living greens would be equal to $600 of hay. This represents a cost savings of 750% or a comparable production cost of 13%.

The above is an example based on an ASG 1000 system. Due to variables such as the cost of one’s present feed choice and the fluctuating cost for feed based on time of year and location, some producers may not recognize such significant savings. However, many producers can still realize return on investment in less than 12 months, a phenomenon unprecedented in the agriculture equipment industry of today.


The following is an example of a comparison between the feed production of an ASG 1000 system versus land based feed production. In other words, the amount of additional land one would need to buy in order to produce the same amount of feed that a single ASG 1000 system produces and what that land would cost.

Reasonable alfalfa hay production, with proper soil pH, fertilization, water and 3 good cuttings will yield approximately 4 tons per acre, per year.  With only 2 good cuttings of alfalfa, yields drop to around 2.5 tons per acre; if poor growing conditions persist producers may only get 1 good cutting and expect a yield of 1.25 tons per acre.  Of course there is always the possibility that all hay production will be lost due to poor weather and/or pest.

Therefore, purchasing a single ASG 1000 system, producing 182 tons per year, would be the equivalent of buying 46, 73 or 146 acres of land depending on alfalfa yield per acre and cuttings per year. With values for high quality tillable land averaging $3,000 per acre, land cost based on hay yields needed to equal the feed production of an ASG 1000,  would be equal to $138,000 for 46 acres, $219,000 for 73 acres and $438,000 for 146 acres.

Furthermore, with an All Season Greens system there would be no additional cost for the equipment needed to produce hay, no additional property taxes and no concerns over crop failure. Lastly, the worry of not being able to pass the additional land purchased on to the next generation, due to inheritance tax, would vanish.

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ASG 1000 ROI Table