It has been known for centuries, by people in the healing arts, that eating unprocessed, living foods that are natural to an animal’s or human’s diet, are by far the most nutritional and healing food source that God created!

Please understand that, for most people, the feeding of  LivingGreens™ is an entirely new model and standard of quality in the animal feed and livestock business.  Nutritional comparisons between LivingGreens™ and dead dry matter are new to the industry. All Season Greens has recently completed extensive nutritional analysis of our LivingGreens™ which determined that they are a Supreme grade of feed and could even be used as a high protein supplement. ASG’s Product Specialist, including our staff veterinarian, Dr. Mike Andrews, can be contacted to answer your questions regarding this matter.   Contact Us

Potential Benefits & Advantages of FEEDING LivingGreens™:

  • Produce living feed that is up to 3 times more nutritious than dry matter feed
  • Food source for all types of herbivores/ruminants
  • Improved health of animals
  • Improved general appearance of animals such as coat gloss
  • Improved hoof quality
  • Enhanced fleece characteristics
  • Improved endurance in performing animals
  • Aids in recovery time from performance & injury
  • Increased fertility & conception rates
  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Improved weight gain at finish feeding
  • Improved consistency of  milk quality year round
  • Provides organic feed source if desired
  • Removes antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and herbicides from feed source
  • Decreased weaning time

Understanding LivingGreens™

To help you understand the basics of living nutrition, ASG’s hydroponically grown greens are a fully hydrated, enzyme rich and easily digestible food source; these factors elevate absorption rates of nutrients in an animal’s digestive tract. Therefore, combining the LivingGreens high protein content with its elevated absorption of available nutrients, LivingGreens™ can have up to 3 times the nutritional value of dead or dry matter feed, such as hay or grains of comparable protein content.

With amino acids being the building blocks of all proteins, it is evident that as a live food, ASG LivingGreens™,with their high protein content, contain the full spectrum of amino acids.  In fact, certified laboratory analysis has proven that the “moisture” content in the barley grass blades grown in an ASG system is much more than water; it is in fact over 85% protein measured as dry matter!  The high protein content of this “moisture” is the difference between living feed and dead dry matter; “moisture” in dead dry matter is just water.

Compared to dead dry matter feed, LivingGreens™ have a greatly increased vitamin & mineral content which optimizes pH in animal digestive systems and blood. Furthermore, the need for the supplementation of many minerals is eliminated as the group of chemicals known as phytates or phytic acids (which are found in most dead matter grains and bind to calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, preventing their absorption) are eliminated during ASG’s sprouting process. This means that these important co-factors of optimal biochemistry are readily available for absorption from LivingGreens. These sprouts also provide: immune supporting and disease preventing phyto-nutrients (many of which have yet to be discovered by science), antioxidant support from Vitamins A, C & E and a rich source of chlorophyll.


The importance of chlorophyll is directly related to its molecular structure which is nearly identical to “heme” or, hemoglobin.  Hemoglobin’s nucleus is Fe (iron) and Chlorophyll’s nucleus is Mg (Magnesium); otherwise they are almost identical down to their methyl groupings.

In plants, chlorophyll is responsible for the green pigmentation and absorbs energy from the sun to facilitate the photosynthesis process.  The chlorophyll in plants is akin to blood in humans. Vital for life’s many metabolic processes such as cell growth and respiration. Chlorophyll’s similarity to blood has prompted years of research exploring its health and healing benefits. Some of Chlorophyll’s discovered benefits to date are the following:

• Proven to have anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties

• Promotes tissue repair & growth

• Its similar structure to hemoglobin aids blood in carrying the much needed oxygen to all cells and tissues

• Assimilates and chelates (removes) calcium and other heavy minerals from the blood

• Stimulates red blood cells to improve oxygen supply

• Helps neutralize free radicals which damage healthy cells

• It may reduce the ability of carcinogens to bind with the DNA in different major organs

With the root mass, seeds and greens all being consumed, LivingGreens™ are even more nutritious than fresh pasture grass, and feed concerns, such as those related to elevated sugars in “first growth” pasture grass, are eliminated. Produced in a shorter amount time, with a fraction of the water and at a cost far below any traditional or organic feed, ASG’s LivingGreens™ provide the producer with a feed source they can control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  LivingGreens™ are produced from seed to harvest in 6 short days!