All Season Greens growing systems can be very important to farmers, ranchers and overall livestock owners who want complete control over their feed. Plants grown in fields across the U.S. are affected by many factors including drought, flooding, pest infestations and other climatic events. Furthermore, for a soil sown plant to incorporate well balanced nutrition, everything in the soil must be in perfect balance; rarely, if ever, can you find such ideal conditions in soil due to contamination and biological imbalances. However, with ASG’s hydroponic growing chambers the need for soil is eliminated and minimal water application is required.  All seeds that germinate in an ASG growing system have all the intrinsic nutrition and life force energy needed to produce LivingGreens™ that, at 6 to 7 days of life, are at their peak nutritional value. Clean water is the only solution needed to produce a perfectly balanced natural animal feed; this makes harmful pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers unnecessary.

Who Can Benefit from Owning an All Season Greens Growing System?

Farm & Ranch Owners: Small scale livestock producers seeking cost effective control of their own feed source that does not involve additional land purchase, as well as those wishing to reduce feed cost and improve the quality of product for market

Dairy Farms: Continually seeking a consistently high nutrient feed with marginal input cost, while maintaining butter fat percentage and milk production, dairy farms can achieve these goals with ASG LivingGreens™ meeting all demands

Small Scale Livestock Producers: With limited acreage to produce livestock on and facing high prices for quality feed, an ASG system is an ideal solution

Organic Animal Producers: Specific feeding needs can easily be met by producing organic LivingGreens™ from organic seed

Grass-fed Animal Producers: These producers will no longer need to rely on dead, dry matter hay products to meet their “grass fed” requirements when access to pasture is unavailable; they can now have access to living greens 365 days a year

Horse Owner: Constantly challenged by feed cost for animals that must be maintained for a long life span, horse owners can now grow their own high quality, low cost feed

Fiber & Fur Producers: Improve quality of product for market and reduce feed cost simultaneously

Additional Applications

  • Boarding Facilities
  • Game Farms
  • Dude and Working Ranches
  • Feed Store Operators
  • Zoos & Animal Sanctuaries
  • Equine Veterinarian Clinics
  • Aquaculture (LivingGrains)
  • Swine Farms
  • Personal Consumption Greens & Sprouts

From the extreme heat of the desert southwest to the frozen tundra of Alaska or in a crowded, space challenged metropolitan area, LivingGreens™ can now be grown in climate controlled environments providing highly nutritious food for both humans and animals, thus helping all communities become more self-sustainable.