All Season Greens (ASG) is a new manufacturing and distribution company dedicated to fabricating the highest quality, most advanced hydroponic growing systems for producing the most cost-effective animal feed 365 days a year.  The company adheres to business ethics and practices supportive of its core values:  Integrity, Honesty and a Commitment to High Standards.  ASG strives for excellence in all facets of business, including customer service.

What is an All Season Greens” Growing System? 

hydroponic growing chamber

livestock feed fodder

All Season Greens has brought to market a hydroponic growing chamber that allows the user to produce highly nutritious, fresh and low cost Supreme Grade animal feed year round, on location.  A wide variety of seeds can be grown, either singly or in combination. These LivingGreens™ can be used as the main source of feed or as a high protein supplement. Depending on current feed costs, this new method of producing animal feed can enable the livestock owner to cut costs by up to 50%!

A specific grain seed, such as barley, is spread onto a specialized growing tray where it is then watered at pre-determined intervals with an overhead spray. The electronic temperature controller maintains a set temperature inside the growing chamber and optimal lighting at the harvesting end is provided to ensure maximum growth and optimal nutrition of the LivingGreens™. Our LivingGreens™ are much better than dry, coarse fodder. It’s easy to use, economical, reliable, and it’s good for your animals!

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